Our first stop on our Caribbean cruise in November was Aruba.  We docked in the...


By taking up quilting as a hobby, you can enjoy the pleasure of gifting it to your loved ones or just make one for yourself. Quilting with Karen enhances your hobby even more by providing you with a beautifully finished top quilted to complement your piecing and applique.

When you Quilt with Karen you can trust that your quilt top will be treated with special care just as if it were one of Karen’s own.


Karen offers a wide range of services. In addition to her longarm quilting service she provides instruction and education to longarm quilters and other machine quilters. Her programs range from in-home individual instruction to small classes.

Each is tailored to the quilter's specific needs. Guilds and other quilting groups can benefit from her lectures and programs. To learn more about her services, check out her detailed classes or arrange for special one-on-one instruction.