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Montana Memories

Two years ago I was in Big Sky, Montana for the wedding of my nephew Richard to his beautiful bride, Nataliia.  My sister Marsha and I traveled out there somewhat together – she flew from Baltimore and I flew from Charleston, SC.  We met up in Minneapolis, MN for the last leg of our journey.  This was our first adult trip together and we had a wonderful time and plan to continue to have sister trips.  One thing we did was enjoy just exploring the area around Big Sky and Lone Mountain.  We rode the ski lift way up the mountain, giggling and trying to scare each other.  We succeeded.

The day before the wedding at the beautiful house where the wedding party was staying the guys were grilling hamburgers and some of us were just out on the deck enjoying the gorgeous views.  We heard something rustling and looked down to spy a fox coming along through the brush.  He seemed very calm and very interested in the wonderful smell of hamburgers on the grill.  We watched him for a very long time and he has become a little symbol Marsha and I share to commemorate our trip.  I love this picture of a fox…it’s not our fox but he looks so blissful.

After the wedding we had an extra day before flying home from Bozeman, so we did a drive through Yellowstone, catching the highlights.  Our favorite memory is getting caught up in a traffic jam caused by buffalo along side the road.  A common occurence in Yellowstone during the summer.  We were stopped and the buffalo were walking along beside the road.  I was trying to get pictures.  One turned our way and Marsha, who was driving, yelled to me, “Lock the door!  Lock the door!”  Well I just dissolved in laughter and tears.

What wonderful memories!

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