Cute wall/lap quilt made by Jolene.
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Quilting Pros and Woes

08 Jan 2009

I have found that longarm quilting can be very rewarding and very frustrating – sometimes both in a matter of minutes! Have had some issues with my machine which I thought were just about resolved. Before going on to a very special customer quilt I decided to do some smaller tops that just needed simple quilting to get back in the rhythm and get some long waiting projects out of the “waiting to be quilted” closet and DONE!

The first is a cute wall/lap quilt made by Jolene. I just quilted freehand stars and loops in the courthouse steps blocks and borders and a medium small puzzle meander around the applique motifs in the center. Took me about 2 hours from start to finish – very good feeling of accomplishment and Jolene loved it.

a Nancy Halvorsen pattern

This next one is one of mine – it’s a Nancy Halvorsen pattern – Calendar Stitchery Quilt – the applique motifs were very small – the quilt is pretty busy – so I just did a loopy meander all around the blocks, missing the appliques. It’s going to be a wallhanging but I’m not sure yet where its home is going to be. There are buttons to be added to each block not that it is quilted.

This bright cheery quilt is another of Jolene’s

This bright cheery quilt is another of Jolene’s. I hate to say how long it has been waiting to be quilted. Very busy and lots of applique. I used a bright variegated thread and just did a puzzle meander over the entire top. I usually don’t like to just quilt over applique but in this case it worked out well. Jolene is going to donate this one to our guild show silent auction – hopefully some Grammy will snatch if up for her granddaughter!

So three quilts done and the Prince acting very charming. Took a break from quilting at the start of the New Year as Jolene was here to visit and we had piecing projects to work on. Monday I decided to quickly knock out two Quilts of Valor tops that had been in the studio way too long. And much to my dismay the Prince had developed issues again. Very frustrating – how can he be quilting beautifully and then all of a sudden acting up? I have worked on the timing but I also think there is something wrong with something in the stitch regulator.

The good news is I’ve been on the phone with Kenquilt and they are very very helpful. Today I will be back on the phone with me after I get a practice piece of plain fabric loaded so we can run through all diagnostics and see if we can’t get him going again. If we aren’t successful then I’m looking at two options. The first is to have them ship me a crate and send him back to them for a complete overhaul. The second is to trade for a new Prince.

Wish me luck!

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