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It’s All Jamie’s Fault

When I posted earlier I stated that I planned to do straight line work in the border of the star quilt.  Well, I did just that.  Kinda sorta!  LOL

My original plan had been triangles like chevrons with 1/2 inch echos inside and then bead board straight lines from the outer edge down to the triangles.  While thinking about the angle of the triangles I remembered I had purchased the Mystical V template from Jamie Wallen. 

I had watched the videos and understood how to use the template but decided it might be good to refresh myself.  By the way, Jamie is a quilter and teacher extraordinaire.  His templates and rulers are wonderful.  He shares so willingly with everyone and anyone.  Visit his website, Quilter’s Apothecary to see all of the great tools he has developed and subscribe to his YouTube channel to get lots and lots of educational and entertaining videos.  WARNING:  He has a fabulous voice that we all swoon over.

Anyhow, after watching the videos, my plans got a bit more complicated.  I just had to do some decorative stitching in those triangles!  I love it and hope Carol B. will, too.

Going to rest my back and shoulders and do some computer  assisted quilting for a few hours. And think about what I’m putting in the cornerstones of the border.

Oh – I went the medium aqua thread.  Love it.





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