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It is so gratifying to finish quilting a client quilt and squeal with delight.  I started this one before I headed to Atlanta to teach at Quilt Connect USA.  I did all of the stitch in the ditch quilting – every seam – with invisible thread.  I had been wanting to try YLI as it had been recommended to me.  It worked great after I figured out how to get it on the cone holder on my longarm.  It is not wound on a cone but a giant spool.


I thought I had a quilting plan before I left but upon getting home and back to quilting I discovered the quilt and I had new ideas.  I’m thrilled with the plan and the execution.  I was assisted with curved templates from The Quilted Pineapple and circle templates from The Quilters Groove.

I used red thread in the red circles and cornerstones but was able to continue to use a beige in the bobbin so the back looks like a whole cloth.

A big thank you shout out to Julie S for trusting me with her quilt top.

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