Our first stop on our Caribbean cruise in November was Aruba.  We docked in the capital city of Oranjestad and did a bus tour of the highlights of the island.  The highlight of this tour for me was The Ostrich Farm.  I was happy to learn that this “farm” was really just for educational purposes.  However, emu meat is very popular in other parts of the world as it is red meat that is very lean.  We had the opportunity to feed the ostriches.  Ostriches can rip a person apart with their spurs.  So we had to back up to the fence with the food and they leaned over us to eat.  It was a bit scary but fun as you can see from our picture.  Notice who was holding the food.  I love the ostrich head right above the Ref’s head! Our guide at the farm was so cute and full of fun. We also visited a natural bridge along the coastline.  The main bridge has collapsed but there is a small one being formed.

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