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From Tears in Home EC Class to Best of Show….My Quilting Journey

Join Karen as she shares her journey from her first struggles with a sewing machine to owning a quilting business and winning awards.

Along with stories of her growth as a quilter, Karen will share her work with other quilters and of course will bring a trunk load of quilts for all to see.

Tips and techniques, triumphs and tribulations— all stitched together to provide a quilt picture of her story.

One hour – $150 plus mileage

What Judges Look For

Are you ready to put your quilts into competition? Is your guild thinking about holding a judged quilt show?

Karen is an experienced quilt judge who can clue you in on just what judges look for when they evaluate a quilt in competition. She will take the fear out of judging.

A mock judging is part of the presentation. Handouts are provided.

One hour – $150 plus mileage

Longarm Quilting: Edge-to-Edge to Heirloom

Using a multimedia format, Karen will present the different levels of longarm quilting from simple edge-to-edge to custom heirloom. Slides and real life examples will be presented.

Karen will also cover how to get your quilt top ready for a longarm quilter and how to establish a relationship with your quilter.

One hour – $150 plus mileage

I’ve Purchased a Home Quilting System, Now What Do I Do?

Many quilters are thinking about purchasing or have purchased home quilting systems to finish their quilts. Once it is set up in your home – what do you do next?

The entire process of loading a quilt, selecting thread, troubleshooting tension, performing basic maintenance can be daunting. In this multimedia presentation,

Karen walks you through loading a quilt, making sure the top is centered and stabilized, and choosing threads.There is a handout with pictures for each participant to carry home.

Following the presentation, there is a question & answer session.This is an invaluable program for anyone with a new quilting system or anyone considering the purchasing of one.

One hour – $150 plus mileage